History of Etna's family

Terroir and sustainability

Overhanging the Gulf of Catania, admiring the valley of Simeto, in the territories of Nicolosi, Ragalna and Santa Maria di Licodia up to 1000 meters above sea level, our Nocellara Etnea olive grove provide us with an extra virgin olive oil with an articulated and rich flavour, which in its different nuances the Serafica family has tried to tell through its labels.

Olive Oils

Our Olive Oils are made in 4 labels, each of which tells the nuances of a heterogeneous territory from a pedoclimatic and botanical point of view. Nocellara Etnea, the queen variety of the volcano, is present in our 4 production lines, each of which refers to designations and quality marks (D.O.P. and I.G.P.)

D.O.P. Monte Etna
Serafica 01: Nocellara etnea in purezza da un’unica particella a 1000 metri sul livello del mare
    I.G.P. Sicilia
    Serafica 02: Blend di Nocellara etnea 50% e Nocellara del Belìce 50% che racconta la Sicilia
      Serafica 03: Nocellara etnea in purezza da uliveti in regime biologico situati tra i 400 e gli 800 metri sul livello del mare.
        Serafica 04: l’olio della tradizione nasce da un blend di cultivar di Nocellara etnea, Carolea e Biancolilla

          Oil mill

          Traditional presses and modern cold extraction: in our oil mill, inaugurated in 1976, we tell the story of the oil and continue to grind the olives observing the highest quality standards.

          Flavoured oils

          A line of seasoning based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil to combine flavour and traditions with herbs and Mediterranean scents Mint, lemon, saffron, orange and chilli are the five different proposals that emphasize the link with the territory and flavours of Sicily, and satisfy the most picky eaters. An idea that underlines the link with the territory and the flavors of Sicily, excellent for enriching tasty recipes and satisfying even the most demanding palates