The volcano that dominates us

Nicolosi, the door of the Etna

Each side, depending on the height and exposure, is distinguished by several peculiarities: in the South, where the company Serafica is situated, the soils are black as well as sandy and enjoy extraordinary agronomic strengths, this is due to the strong temperature differences between day and night Food counterfeiting are minimized so that olive groves and vines are run on an organic diet.

Olive grove

Here we grow, biologically, different strains of cultivar “Nocellara Etnea”, as well as a small presence of “Biancolilla” “Carolea” and “Moresca”.

Our Olive groves cover an area of approximately 40 hectares and are situated at an altitude ranging from 300 to slightly less than 1000 meters above sea level. Here Serafica cultivates various lines of the cultivar under an organic regime, different strains of cultivar “Nocellara Etnea”, as well as a small presence of “Biancolilla” “Carolea” and “Moresca”.

The vineyard

The biological cultivation of vineyards, located in the southern side of the Volcano, is linked to Carricante, Catarrato, Nerello Cappuccio, Nerello Mascalese

From the South side of Etna, the vineyards of the company raised up to 950 meters above sea level and enjoy an extraordinary balance between savoury breezes, sandy and mineral soils, good rainfall and a considerable temperature range that, thanks to the cyclic influence of marine currents

The Rye

Thanks to a project in collaboration with the University of Catania, Etna Park and the Municipality of Nicolosi

For some years, the Serafica family has been the guardian of Irmana rye, dedicating itself to the recovery and cultivation of Immanu, an ancient cultivar from which flour is produced the Immanu bread, a food jewel of Etna tradition Very similar to wheat, rye is a resilient cereal: it resists the cold and has low thermal requirements, which is why it is called mountain cereal

Versante Sud

Distinctive are the mountains that surround the city and that are well integrated with the rural mountain landscape: Monti Rossi, Mompilieri, Mompeluso, Monte Arso, Monte Gervasi, San Nicola, Serrapizzuta, Monte Don Stefano, Monticelli and Monte San Lazzaro.

Italian Journey. A stone’s throw from the top of the mountain overlooking the city and a few kilometres from the sea and the city of Catania, Nicolosi has always been a landmark for Etna viticulture so as to count over 100 winery in the 70s, before tourism grew in the city. The centuries-old history of the country is firmly linked to the proximity to Etna that over time has influenced its development: the first agricultural and pastoral economy today has a clear tourist and commercial vocation, thanks to its strategic position that reaches the tip of the volcano and constituting one of the landmarks of the Etna Park.

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